Recently, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award- a first- and the Liebster Award! Sophie from Sophie Speaks Up And Rachael from Writing Rachael Ritchey nominated me for these awards. Thank you both, a lot! You must check out their blogs immediately. These ladies write stunning.

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The rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award are-

1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2) Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you.

3) Nominate some other bloggers for this award.

4) Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

5) Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

Sophie’s Questions are-

1) What’s the one thing you’ve wanted but never ever told anyone? I wanted to be the one to write Harry Potter.
2) Would you tell your deepest darkest secret to a total stranger if you’re never gonna meet him again? Sure! Check it out here.
3) Who do you consider your blogger twin? Phoenix.
4) What’s the one thing you would never bring to a desert island? Maybe clothes. It’d be too hot and humid for that.
5) Describe your blog using a movie title. Dil Chahta Hai- The Heart Wants.
6) Weirdest/funniest conversation or statement you’ve overheard in the restroom? “I have fat thighs,” a class sixth girl said to her friend, when her thighs could have not even equated my forearm. Kids, I tell you!
7) English word that you hate the most? Chemistry. Oh wait, I hate studying that too. High five!
8) Do you think Batman can beat Superman? I can beat them both. 

My Questions are-

1. How would Superman feel if his cape blew away in the wind?
2. A 5 year child asks you how you were born. How would you explain?
3. In which direction do five gay men walk?
4. Would you rather have a world full of snakes or rats?
5. You get to cook a five course meal for anyone you admire. Who would be the first invite?
6. Can your tongue touch you nose? Post a picture.
7. What would you name your kid?
8. Complete the lyrics: And right now there’s a steel knife in my windpipe…..

Thank you Sophie! 😀

Rachael’s Questions are:

  1. If you could be any super hero, already imagined or one of your own making, what would it be? Why? Maybe Iron Man. Because he is awesome!
  2. Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Are you the kind of person who will try anything once or are you afraid of the possibility of hating whatever you might bite into, so you don’t try? I try to try most of the time. That’s how my education is going 😛
  3. What is it about blogging that makes you keep coming back for more? The amazing feedback and the appreciation makes me want to write more and prove my versatility and my ability. Also that it’s a great platform to meet like minded people.
  4. If you could tell the next generation one thing, what would it be? There’s nothing like the world we live in. 
  5. Were/are you cool or a nerd in high school? How does this affect your outlook on life now? Nerd. I am still in school, though. 
  6. Do you have a favorite place to just sit and relax? If so, where? My bed, or the car backseat. 
  7. What is your biggest secret goal for this year? To get a good grade and/or get a scholarship to study abroad. 
  8. When did you first start blogging and how did it feel? 2011. It was actually very boring. I didn’t know how it worked. I was young. And I had no idea why people didn’t visit my blog. 
  9. No matter how many times I try to stay away from alien questions, Brant Hanson’s voice keeps popping back in my head. I have to ask, If an alien from outer space offered you one million dollars and an island of your own in exchange for your ability to formulate coherent replies to people’s questions, would you do it? No. 
  10. What are your top 3-5 qualities you appreciate/admire in your friends? Their honesty, open appreciation, sense of humour and being good at everything they do.

My nominees are:


Congratulations everyone! 😀


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