Mera Dil Aur Main- My Heart And I- Hindi Poem

This is my first Hindi poem 😀 And it doesn’t make sense. To me at least. But I like that I composed a poem that rhymes in my mother tongue, without any help and it reads amazing. I’ve translated it to English for those of you who don’t know Hindi. I really would like feedback, especially from all my Hindi-reading readers. How was it? Did you get the essence of the poem? Do you think I should do more poetry in Hindi? For my English readers, how was the translation poem? Like it? Love it? Good. Hate it? I don’t really care 😛 So here it goes:

Yeh mera dil thakka aur main tukdo mein pada,

Main Pucho toh yeh kahe tune kitna saha.

Dil ki madhoshiyan jo thi ab tak

Voh bhule apna zaahir karne ke haq.

Koi puche isse zara, kitna yeh tarse,

Aasun gire, jaise neele aasman se barse.

Apne lafz yeh apne mein rakhe

Kyunki isne sirf dukh sune sabke.

Sab sunn ke ab yeh choor ho gaya hai

Zindagi ek geet tha, hai, ab bina lay.

Thak gaya hai, yeh masoom dil

Akele rahi, koi sahara na mil.

Chalte rahna hai par kyunki  koi aur raasta nahi hai

Zindagi ke khiladi, mera dil hai or main

Akela- akela karna hai yeh rasta tai

Zindagi ek geet hai, gaye usne sahit lay.

Der lagi lekin, par kar jayega,

Main jukh jayun, mera dil nahi haar maan payega.

Kyunki mera dil thakka ho, aur main tukdon mein pade

Main pucho toh kahe ki paar karenge pahad chote bade.

 English Translation-

My heart is tired, and I, broken, lay down

Ask my heart and it says how much have I suffered.

The whispers of my heart have ceased,

They have forgotten their right to make themselves heard.

Someone ask my heart how much it is suffering.

The tears fall continuously like ran from the blue sky.

It keeps itself unheard, keeping its pain to itself.

As he always listened to the problems of others.

I, my heart, we’re broken from all the sadness.

Life, once a merry song, is now tuneless.

My innocent heart is exhausted.

It’s alone, lonely, there’s no one his companion.

But it has to keep moving, can’t stop. There’s no other way.

Life’s a game and my heart and I are the only players.

Life’s a song, sing a little tune.

It’ll take time but it’ll succeed.

I may surrender; my heart will never accept defeat.

Because I may be broken and my heart tired,

If I ask, it’ll say we’ll cross mountains both small and big.


16 thoughts on “Mera Dil Aur Main- My Heart And I- Hindi Poem

  1. If this is your first attempt at writing Hindi poetry, I must say that you did a great job. It isn’t easy to write, forget about rhyming and the topic is really good. I’d look forward to more hindi poems from you 🙂

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  2. By god, woman! This is wonderful! It’s hard to believe this is your first Hindi poem. I only ever attempted 1 Hindi poem and you can really tell that I don’t have a very strong command of Hindi vocab! :’D

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