Greeted by the ear deafening welcome,
She shot up her head, standing tall,
Stretched out her hands and
Took the fall.
Onto the stage came her showcased lover.
Appearing not a moment late
Never hovered.
Took her in her practiced arms and he
Danced in emotion
Sweeping the audience off their feet.
“Ah, young love,” proclaimed the narrator,
As the onscreen lover promised for eternity,
To protect her from all folly.
“Oh, my selfless love resides with thee.”
And then the stage darkened and dulled,
A tense atmosphere of anticipation lulled,
As the girl’s heart from pledged to someone,
She was betrothed to someone
She didn’t love.
They didn’t understand it, it was so tough.
And on and on went the show,
Both high on drama, never flawed.
But “she” was no princess, she didn’t need any drama,
She wanted a life. It wasn’t even bad karma,
That he, someone to who she had pledged her heart,
Had broken it beyond repair, at the start.
Her heart crying, it was a brave
Façade that she’d put up,
Putting on overjoyed, instead of letting off a tirade.
Moving on identities, losing her own,
Winning on hearts on show,
When hers’ dance by dance was blown.
One day a princess, next day a queen,
and further a beggar; it was unreal.
Playing people, being a puppet never to come live,
But to not let emotions catch hold of her: it was a strive.
Her real self, hidden in identities, but keeping it pure,
Her heart stamped, attacked and scratched raw.
Oh, how easy they say, “Once again, encore!”
But for her, being untrue, losing her own self?
There was no cure.


10 thoughts on “Encore

  1. akankshaaaa! I’ve drawn the One Tree Hill doodle you requested, I really hope you like it 🙂
    I couldn’t attach the link here, but it’s the first post on my blog. (www.proseoverbros.wordpress.com)

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