Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake

In the deepest difficulties,
And the harshest situations,
From beneath and inside of life,
Rises humanity.
And for once, convinces people,
Shows them the good side,
Of this cruel, classy, condescending world.
Brews from within and for once,
War torn,
Are just adjectives.
Because the world we see at these times
Is very different.
In cahoots.
Because only when threatened
Does mankind realize
They are their own saviors.
Also their own destroyers.
Slowly, marching towards their own deaths,
Like pigs for slaughter the way they live.
When will they realize
that Darwin was wrong?
Peaceful existence resides
In our hearts,
When we want it to.
And now,
Being attacked
By things beyond our control,
We knows what it wants,
And it lives in our

This poem goes out to all affected in the Nepal earthquake. My heart, prayers and deepest condolences to those and I wish that God gives them strength to put their life back on track.
A sincere request to all my readers: Please donate to help people in Nepal here or here or here or here. Please help humanity. 

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