And Then There Were None: A Retelling


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Dependable, understanding, sympathetic,
Is how they described she,
As she was there to hear there troubles,
Laments, problems and worries.
She didn’t interrupt, nor did she pass judgement.
Instead she gave “useful” advice.
They came, all kinds: open and shy,
And she often heard them cry.
First came he, we called him A,
And he related his tale of woe.
His broken heart, his story of betrayal,
Thus, his heart was finally pure.
And she like a benevolent human being,
Took his pain along with her own.
Then came she, we called her P,
And P shared her tale of exciting adventures,
Her troubles at home and issues at school.
And again, she took it like a fool.
These were the first in a list long journey
Of people, their troubles, and anxiety,
And she took it all, without a word.
Yet they left her, before she could get hers heard.
She wasn’t brave enough to say,
“I’ve got some trouble too, hey-!”
And so they left her till she drowned,
In their worries. When the crowd,
Heard that she passed, cried a lament,
But she wasn’t there. So they all sent,
For someone like her, to take their pain.
But no one was foolish to make his loss their gain.
And on they cried, wishing they had heard,
And they realized it was a weird world.
In their sorrows, they all perished on by one,
Slowly and suddenly. And then there were none.


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