The Simple Curve- Smile.


If there’s anything in the world that sets everything right,
The curve of the lips, between a fight.
The toothless grin makes the heart light.
You can’t contain it, can’t hold it tight.
It’s cheaper than the cheapest for all crude and caste.
It escapes violently, it’s durable, it lasts.
Willingly though it fights anger,
Like a true soldier, it never surrenders.
It’s contagious, even more than a disease.
It bring comfort, familiarity and ease.
A small smile, however it may be, does miracles.
It’s sweeter than candy, not sour as pickle.
The smile can have all wars cease.
The smile never fails to please.
A smallest angle than can change the world.
However we dismiss it, “It’s absurd.”
A smile brings hope, nurtures it.
It’s like medicine, work bit by bit.
It’s a tool that revives men from life,
Worse than Dante’s purgatory before paradise.
It’s the worst seeker, draws attention,
Of pure admiration, awe, not pretension.
Thus, a small curve it is, and sets things right,
It’s contagious. It brings happiness and delight.


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