“Hey Mom, What’s the way home again?”

This really funny thing happened today that I’m going to narrate to you in about a minute, but there is some background to it. So, prepare ourselves!

As you must know, I’m a grade eleven student, so I attend these coaching classes called StudyMate which is Hindustan Times venture. I’d joined them last April. There are classes three day a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Now, the center was a little very far away from my house. That time, a bunch of us, about five six people, hired a cab that would drop and pick us according to our days, and he’d take different routes and drop us and on went my life.

Until recently, when due to winters approaching, I quit it and started travelling on my own. So, after some really tiring up-and-down, my parents allowed me today to commute on my scooty for the first time. I’ve also got my learner’s license a fortnight ago, so maybe that was it.

So anyways, I very excitedly took out my scooter and drove all the way to the center, all the while hoping that I don’t break my neck or the scooter’s handle. The route is pretty straight except just two turns. I had an exam there today, so when I was leaving today, I forgot I’d come from the scooty. It was only when I was left standing stupidly on the staircase, trying to find my dad’s car for whole fifteen minutes that I realized that I had my scooty.

It was pretty dark by that time, but I convinced my mom all the way to not come down here and receive me. I kick-started my scooty (it ain’t automatic, people) and started driving God knows where. There are two roads that can lead to my house. One goes parallel to a canal and the other is a national highway.

I had strict orders not to travel through the national highway. Unfortunately, the road that I had taken led to the highway, I took a huge U-turn from god-knows-where, parked again, and called up my mom. “Hey mom, what’s the way home?” I asked innocently.

“What?” she yelled. “Where are you?”

“I think, I’m heading towards the highway. Can you tell me how to get back to the canal road?”

“Okay, calm down! Where exactly are you?”  I gave her whereabouts, and then she told me the way to get back and on home road again.

“Okay, If I don’t call, that means I’ve found the road.” I said, and dropped the call.

Despite that, my geographically dead brain took a route that took me back to the highway, despite clear instructions. I thought to myself foolishly how obsessed the highway was with me!

Not to worry my mom more than she already was, I asked a pedestrian the way home and was finally glad to find Home Road. I got scolded, or maye mocked upon is a better word. The gist of the story being that I’m geographically mentally dead. And that in spite of an year of acquaintance, the highway can’t get enough of me!

And can you guess where I found my mom? In her car parked beside the road, just ready to leave to pick me up from nowhere. Isn’t she great? However, I don’t think that I’ll be getting to drive that scooty to the center any more for some time.


21 thoughts on ““Hey Mom, What’s the way home again?”

  1. Congratulations! Atleast your coaching class was far away. A friend of mine had lost her way home standing in her own block bang in the middle of the day! And, to avoid getting scolded, she called up her father, who had gone to Delhi at that time for some work, to get the direction!

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