With Just A Second Of Breath.


With just a second of breath left in me,
I’d like for the world to see,
What I am, who I’ve become,
What I’ve done, the thoughts,
That became my actions.
I want the world to identify,
the things that touched my life.
That changed my life for better or worse.
And affected those who I acquainted.
I want the world to see the beauty,
that my dying eyes now see.
I want them to smell the lovely scents,
that my nose now fills itself with.
To forgive and to forget, I want the world,
To spread the air of love and peace.
I want the world to spread happiness,
Like the happiest we’ll ever be.
The young should celebrate, the old rejoice,
saved by the dangers of this earthly life.
To spend the lovely times they’ve got,
Happily and with laughter.
I want the world to live freely,
to never be scared or hold a grudge,
For life is too short to be spent,
In pain, misery or regret.
I want the world to make mistakes,
To love and to learn,
For a heart that loves shall see no pain,
Merrily won’t it ever trudge.
So, with just a second of breath left in me,
I say, live your life. Don’t fear. Dream.

This is my random usual chemistry class poem. I hope that you like it.