Who Am I?

I’m a damn mystery. No one can reveal me. I’m quiet, shy and boring. I have a wild side. I sing, I dance, I scream. I feel happy. But does this wild side have a name? Or is it a reflection of my truest nature? Or is life just messing around with me?

I’m a nerd, the nerd who doesn’t score. I belong to that special group of people who everybody fails to understand. Maybe, we don’t want to be understood. We’re that group of people who are different than the rest.We hate attention, yet we secretly crave it. We aren’t rebellious, we are the ones who don’t pray but are generally good. We’ve a wild side that rarely makes and appearance. We are emotionally weak but stand firm as a pulled wire. We are stubborn. arrogant and unfailingly selfish, but we just need a poke to be broken down, to reveal the unseen face of helpless. We are those who want to be good, act good, do good, but we wonder what bad would be. We swear, we curse, but only in the company of our damaged souls. We are affectionate, compassionate yet we want to be strong. We clench our teeth and bite our tongue when we want to cry and we hold back tears and a hell lot of pain when we laugh. We are alone, enjoy loneliness yet we desire company. We rarely lie, yet it’s always on our tongue. We’re private, ignorant. But we just live in our own world. We cry at night when things are bad and laugh at times spent. We cherish every moment and live them again and again. We are scared, protected and misunderstood. When we truly meet ourselves, we are surprised at the people we’ve become. We are people who snuggle at night, crave intimacy, but chicken at the chance. We run away. We’re scared of the world. But when we are understood, we’d take a bullet for them. We’d take a dagger for them. We love unconditionally. We’re brutally honest, appreciative and flattery isn’t in out nature. We speak what we stand for. There’s no falseness. We’re unique. We’re unique. We’re free. We love to explore. We love new places, new adventures, new people. But we hate to talk to them. We are good listeners. We’re problem solvers. We solve problems people have, yet fail to solve our own. We’re lazy. But when we are high, he can bring cleanliness the speed of tornado. We’re angry, short tempered and sensitive. W’re forgive but never forget. We often regret our actions, We despise ourselves at moments of weakness. we’re proud and haughty. We’re egoistic. We are unabashedly proud. We never apologize. We are highly creative. Brainstorming is second nature to us. We’re innovative. We decipher ideas and make dreams come true. We can’t say no. We’re weak willed and unchallenging. We are undisciplined. We lack confidence. We’re shy, introvert and hyper extremes. We’re cool, stylish and have outdated thinking. We choose comfort over fashion. We don’t give a fuck to what people say. Yet we value their opinions. We’re the best.

But I think I like it this way. I like me. I would change myself for the world. I wouldn’t. Would you?



4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Akanksha 🙂 got a little lost in the middle there…. 🙂 U’ve written ‘We’re unique. We’re unique’ twice :p Love the way you write, you have some serious writing talent, you write straight from the heart…I love that 🙂

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