Spreading Happiness in Ten Days.


With just ten days for the new year’s eve, I think its time to free myself of all the negativity that I had to encounter by actually doing something. And by something, I don’t mean moving my ass from one bed to the next or to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s time to do some good. No matter how insignificant. Because, as some one has rightly said (?) what matters are your intentions. Our pure hearts and innocent minds should be free of all malice, jealousy and confusion that 2014 gladly bestowed upon us and we should all work together towards a new beginning. And for a new beginning, we should be free of our past.

To make my past an interesting one, I’ve decided that I’d be doing some good (for myself, my family and the world) everyday, for a new beginning. And believe me, it’s not one of those Christmassy things where I demand Santa to give me something because I did this and that for he and she. For all those suspicious ones, I’ll be posting Deed Of The Day starting tomorrow everyday along with photos, so that you don’t pass of my work as yours if you want something from Santa at the last minute.

Just for some ideas, I’ve posted a list of things that I plan on doing, and if you’ve got some better ideas, feel free to comment.

1. Blanket distribution: Most of us aren’t as privileged as I am, to have two blankets and a heater by my side at, what, 7 degrees?

2. Bread and soup: I plan on inviting some of the people who work daily in my neighborhood for some hot soup and bread to feed on, for it is sinfully cold and that some hot soup would just be welcome.

3. Old clothes: For those of you unaware, I have an extra large body, and that it’d probably be true to say that I have eons of small clothes. I think it’s time to give them to those who actually need it.

4. Visit an orphanage: Some Christmas can be made good by just lighting up others’ life. And children, as they say, are God’s gifts. So some happiness for them. However, I’m still planning on it as I can’t drive, so I need a driver- my dad or mom.

5. Taking responsibility: At the beginning of 2015, I’m planning on funding at least one child’s reputation from the money that I have, thanks to my relatives.

So guys, these are some ideas that I have, that will (hopefully) bring some happiness into other’s lives. Please do comment some little things that I can do, or some little things you have done that brought happiness and lit up someone’s life. Till then, farewell.



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