departed love

I never thought that you’d have to go,
So fast yet so slow.
I never thought that you’d leave
And leave for an eternity.
I’d always assumed,
That you’d be there for me,
But I was just so wrong,
To think that you’d live by our song.
“Always and forever,
I’d never leave you,
not now not ever.
You’re mine, so good so fine,”
Who knew your promises were a lie.
The scars of love run deep within,
Forgive me father, for I have sinned,
I’d taken you for granted, my love unconditional,
But all the memories now seem abysmal.
For you are gone, left me behind,
A lover like you, I’d never ever find.
So strong you seemed,
Yet a coward,
Left me without love,
Like a caged bird.
Bound by your love and with your hate,
Only the memories now remain.


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