The Meadow.


My take on modern poetry, that I wrote while doing physics. So, here is “The Meadow”.

On the beautiful day, I threw my cap away.
Donned my hat and marched off in the woods.
I relied on my memory and followed the way,
Dwelled deeper and deeper and still away.
The time passed by, I walked on, not tired at all.
The cool breeze tickling my face.
Birds chirped and the trees looked as good as new.
I removed my shoes, barefoot, I felt the dew.
Soon, I reached the meadow that I had been looking for.
That seasonal brook still dancing in its way.
The lovely daffodils and the honeysuckle lent,
the sunlit meadow its heavenly scent.
I sat on the grass and looked around.
The water playing tricks with the sunlight,
Cast a magic in the serenade surround.
I felt happy and rejuvenated, as the nightingale took flight.
I sat there for a really, really long time.
And no thoughts entered my brain, except one-
What happened to days like these?
Colder and colder became the breeze.
So, I stood up and put on my shoes,
And I waited for the sun to set.
What amazed me most back then,
Was the calm that prevailed over my head.
I plucked a dandelion and cast a last glance.
My last visit here before I left for France.
What happened to the world, to times like these?
Life, I guessed. It was the worst reality.


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