For days, the fire spread ahead, 
 Leaving nothing in its wake. 
 She came and destroyed and hurt and burnt,
 Everything in its way.
 The glass that broke seared through her skin, 
 Which made her breath go shorter.
 Blood now colors the floor red,
 So severely her leg bled.
 The heart that spew the thread of love,
 Is now broken beyond repair. 
 The shattering sound that shouts first,
 Gets quieter layer by layer.
The lips that kissed your sweat soaked skin,
 Are now cold and blue. 
 And no one leans on the body, 
 As no one has a clue.
 The amber sky goes topaz gold,
 To black and blue then yellow. 
 No bird that flies in this sky,
 No one to walk on the meadow.
 The quiet murmur in my ear,
 And the gentle wind that blew.
 We swayed so lightly on the grass,
 Beneath the mistletoe that grew.

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