I Do.


The tears have fallen out of her eyes,
Mixed with all the truths and the lies.
The girl who wore her heart on her sleeve,
Her visage now numb, shattered are her dreams.
The pure innocence off her face
has been wiped out not long before.
She’s a mess, her breathing shallow,
Who had known what life had for her in store.
The arrow had smeared her hand, her heart,
Leaving no place for love or no new start.
Her wedding gown still lay beside her,
To that side her eyes haven’t yet stirred.
Her rosiest skin has turned palest white,
The once puffy cheeks, are now stretched tight.
Her hair so fine, like bathed in wine,
Now huddle together like beggars in a shrine.
Her eyes, though cold, hold a shine so bright,
But her composure, emits no ray of light.
Her very accurate ears that never missed a thing,
Are now oblivious to all the whispering.
Some say she killed, some say he died,
Like warriors at a war, or lovers holding tight.
She goes home and takes the picture,
of the man God had made, especially for her.
Kisses it and moves on ahead.
And plunges the knife into her breast,
to join him just as she had said.
Her spirit now wanders as they both lay in rest.
Searching for the place where true love had met.
With nothing, no rings, they had said ‘I do’.
The guests weren’t there, the feast wasn’t set,
And yet they had said, ‘Always and forever, I’ll love you.’