It’s Night.


Its night, quarter to three at night.
The sun’s gone down, long before this time.
The world is dark, like a room unlit,
The stars twinkle upon us, upon us they shine.
The silence like this is only once heard,
At the funeral of the dearest you loved.
Lights go out, the buildings remain dark
No flapping of the birds, no doggies there to bark.
The streets are quiet and lonely,
Like an old man, awaiting his death,
There’s no one walking on the pavements,
The entire world is a fresh breath.
The time when we are all alone,
We live, we’re alive, we explore,
The deepest thoughts, some used some thrown
It’s this time of the day, that I want more and more.
The world so calm and peaceful,
I fear that this might someday end.
We’d all miss it when it’s gone,
With no one there to it, prevent.


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