How He Met Their Mother


I am absolutely in love with the series and I wish they could continue. To me, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was not a story but the lives of five friends, totally different from each other, yet, bond by something more that friendship. Okay, cut the crap! I missed it! I missed the last episode, of not just a season, but I missed the finale of my favorite TV series. TataSky should be sued!

But, here I am, still attempting to write an article about what I do know. And it’s hard not to know. My Twitter page, Facebook wall, trending at WordPress, and most of the other active social networking sites are inundated with people saying goodbye to the best TV series ever. A story of five friends, some twenty-something people, who live, eat ,play, drink, and enjoy!





Catchy titles, heart melting pictures, the legend-wait for it- dary phrases are flooding the entire social media. And I almost feel sorry, no, almost guilty of not having managed to watch it somewhere. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, Barney and Robin have a divorce, the Mother dies after having a whirlwind romance with Ted, attributed to a long illness, and Ted and Robin end up together, just like it all started. I may not know the full story but still, I cite a few reasons why HIMYM will be remembered:

1. Ted: I know we all love Josh Radnor as the extremely-confused-in-love, and ever-unlucky Ted as he rushes from one relationship to the other, never once realizing that he will most likely end up being with Robin, for the rest of his life.


2. Barney: It’s delightful to see Neil Patrick Harris play the role of a ravishing womanizer, flirting with every blond and brunette that he comes across, yet being this total domestic person who falls in love with The Robin. This is a character easily found in most serials, yet the conviction with which Harris play Barney and his confidence in ‘Have you met Ted’, and ‘Suiting Up’ makes us go head over heels for him.


3. The Gang: The Gang comes across to us as siblings from the other mothers, always ready to distribute their sloppy and useless advice among themselves. It gives us a feeling that life is not always doing the job that we do, but also to have drinks at the McLaren’s with our five best friends and CHEERS! Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and Ted emit a feeling that is hard to register. It gives us a homely feeling that even if something’s not right, The Gang would be there to fix it all right.


4. McLaren’s: The setting is perfect. The place called our second home. Ted can do all the drunk announcements he makes, Robin can drink as much as she wishes, without payment, Marshall and Lily can kiss at a place without anyone staring and Barney can always get a girl to bed. McLaren’s bound to be one of the best pubs in the entire of New York.


5. Story Idea: I adore the idea that the makers got Ted read the entire story backwards. Just a look at this title giver me a tingle of excitement at my spine. All the events recapitulated give us the feeling of nostalgia towards the Gang.

Okay, so no matter how much people disapprove of the show’s finale, we will always have enough reasons to remember this as one of the greatest shows of all times. For all the reasons mentioned above and also to eight great, fabulous, and exciting seasons of HIMYM with Robin, Barney, Lily, Marshall and finally, Ted. So it’s better not to be sad and BE AWESOME INSTEAD! 

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