Oh shit! It happened once again.


Oh shit! It happened once again.
This time, it was on a train.
I saw that man and felt bubbles in the heart,
And lost my head to begin from the start.
He sat alone, minding his business,
But, yes, I was a fool, no less.
I swept my hand across my face,
And started carrying myself with grace.
To his seat I went in trice,
And shyly fluttered my eyes.
“May I sit here?”, I said in a shy voice,
“You may,” he said, “it’s your choice.”
And went back to the book he had,
Paying no attention to my face, sad.
But I was not to give up soon,
So I said eftsoon,
“Would you like a cuppa coffee?”
“No, thank you. I have one, you see.”
I felt desperate, wanted to talk,
To the man in front, and go on a walk.
But he seemed oblivious of the fact,
So I decided to handle with a little tact.
“What is this book you’re reading called?”
‘”The Wonder Life of Mary Halled.’”
He answered and again looked back,
Interest in me was all he lacked.
His blue eyes held the world within,
His voice smooth, like a bird’s fin.
“Hi I’m Eliza,” I flung my hand.
“I am Sandy, you know, like the sand.”
Thank God! I managed to get his name,
Else, my friends would’ve mocked me, in near time frame.
So, increased my confidence, I asked again,
“What do you do?” my voice cheerfully insane.
“I am a student. What about you?”
I almost shouted, “I am a student too.”
There was silence for some time,
The train was slowing, and I had to complete the rime.
So, thought no more and again asked,
“A cup of coffee?” Boy, wasn’t I fast?
“Sorry, but I have to meet,
A friend of mine, its late indeed.”
“Oh fine, we’ll catch up later.”
“Yes. How about that new bar, ‘Crater’?”
“Saturday’s perfect, I’ll have a car sent.”
“I won’t need that, I’ll come with my boyfriend.”
What? I screamed inside my head.
He can’t be gay, that’s all I said.
“Your boyfriend?” I whispered light,
“That’s who I’m meeting, we had a fight.”
The train came to a stop and I stepped out,
I turned my back and heard him shout,
“Bye! I’ll see you on Saturday.”
That won’t happen, I heard myself say.
Thank god, I didn’t waste a lot of time,
And here comes to an end, my rime.
Thank God! It didn’t happen again,
And especially not on the subway train.


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