Start A Good Life.

What way do you want to start a good day? For me, the vast blue clear sky-bright and clear, a sunny day with soft wind blowing, is what marks a perfect start to a day. Many  a times, it is said, (okay, I said it)

“It’s the mind that’s bitter,
And mind that’s sweet.
It’s up to you on which,
Side you wanna be.”

Yes, I admit, I am in good mood. Maybe it is because of and article I read in the newspaper early morning, or the perfect start the day has decided to have. See, this is the level of stupidity, where you have to find reasons for being happy. Why? Over the past fourteen of my existence on this planet, I have witnessed many changes in me. Here, I am not only referring to the physical, which is obvious, but also the mental, emotional, social changes as well. I also have experienced changes in my ideologies, thought processes, actions and reactions. It is all there experiences, that have brought emotional changes in me….. Love, hate, anger, happiness, joy, compassion, regret and anguish to name some.

But I am the best when I am me. A happy, cheerful, down-to-earth, a little shy, but mostly, a fun girl. I am that person who enjoys the company of her family more than her friends. I am best when I am me, not someone who people want me to be. And these ‘me’ moments are what have proved to be a life jacket to a drowning person in this huge, materialistic world.

Yes, in this extremely busy life, we often overhear our inner self. But remember, at the end of your life, people will only look at the inner radiance your heart emitted and not the one you tried to cover. That inner radiance comes from good deeds and actions, what we generally call, ‘good karma’. It all comes down to karma. You might have noticed, a slight smile to a stranger, to help a person in need, a cup of coffee with and old friend, talking about the moments of happiness you had with you family makes you feel elevated, a bit more happy, feeling like all the tension has been drained out of you. The calm that you feel when you do any of these fore mentioned things is an indication that good karma is getting to you. So at last I would say, do good, be good, feel good.


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