Fatness- God’s Gift?

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Does being fat mean,
You’re a target for miseries?
Calling you names you don’t deserve,
Unable to interact at ease?
Pumpkin head or Fatty Pants,
Some ‘You are fat, you are fat’ chants.
Train engines and big, big balls,
These are some of the common calls.
Clothes don’t fit and are very tight.
Eating food that is calorie light.
Staving yourself at your homes,
Isolated from the rest, you’re alone.
But it’s not you r fault you’re fat.
Everyone’s not perfect, some this and that.
Some small eyes and big big nose.
But that doesn’t make everyone your foe.
So fatness is not something to hide,
Or not eating food that is fried.
Be thankful that God gave us,
‘Diversity: Not To Be Fussed’.
Be grateful that you are a part,
Of this diversity for a start.
And lastly, always keep your head held high
And be in love with you all your life!


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