My Rendezvous With Aliens

It was late in the evening. My parents had gone out and I was having the time of my life as one generally does in their parents’ absence. From computer to television and from friends to family-I had them all over. Basically, I had been doing all that was restricted to me, and mostly enjoying it.

Suddenly, the lights went out. It was already 8:00 pm and pretty dark outside. I was all alone in the house, in entire darkness and no one to call out for. I was scared. Even though I knew it was childish, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that this was unusual. Still, I waited-with my fingers crossed- for the light to return.
During that time, every movement, every sound, every whisper of the wind sent a chill up my spine. I sat as still as a corpse.

It was also the time that I realized that the wind had sped up and there was a stormy feeling in the atmosphere. Also, there were perfect conditions for a storm to arrive-a dark night, lights out and a cloudy, misty sky.
I was also sweating profusely due to the non functionality of the fan and the A/C. Slowly, I groped my way from the bedroom to the balcony- in entire darkness. I felt my way up the hook of the door and opened it. It opened with a bang. Instantly, I could smell the dust that was mixed with the air.
As soon as I stepped into the balcony, the floor started trembling, the railing started shaking and the windows started banging on their panes. A gradual, small light started coming nearer.

It was only a matter of seconds before it became so big that I had to shield my eyes behind my hand to prevent them from blinding. The light was so bright and dazzling that I could feel the heat it was emitting.
Also, the door closed itself automatically and a tiny iron nail fell on my extended palm. I was extremely surprised. As soon as it landed on my palm, it started swelling and in a minute, was bigger than an over laden truck.
Then, in a very condescending manner, I saw a giant circle that was carved itself out of the iron nail. It unlatched itself completely from the vehicle and fell down. From it came at least six people-rather creatures- who looked like a combination of a man and a dog. They had the torso of a man and the rest of the body as a dog. I had never been as frightened as I was at that moment. The blood froze in my veins. They all were taking serious, measured steps. Then, the smallest one stepped forward.

“Hello! Sorry to disturb you, but can you please tell us where we are?” he asked in an extremely squeaky voice. He looked like their leader.

I closed my mouth. I was finding it difficult to choose the right words.

“Um, we are, um, on the Earth”, I replied, my voice shaking.

As soon as I spoke, there was great diversion among all of them. All of them started talking excitedly.

The leader said something to them that I could not understand.

“And who are you?” he enquired..

“Well, I am Akanksha”.
“From?” he fired back.
“From Earth.” I replied quickly.

I debated whether to ask them the most obvious question. Before I could dwell on my thoughts, I blurted out.
“What are you?”
It was horribly rude, but they didn’t seem to mind.
“We are the Kartanarians from Karats Land on C12Baranu.  It is 725 trillion light years away from here. I am Zorrowitch and these are my fellow travellers. “

I didn’t know how to respond. It’s not every day that you meet someone from another planet, practically an alien.

“Is everybody on your planet like this?” he wanted to know.
“Yes. And on yours? ”, I questioned.
“Sure. No wonder, I am surprised. It’s the only planet that I haven’t researched on, that has life.  You do have a first class security system.” he joked.
“Researched on?”  I asked.
“Yes. I am the most senior scientist on my planet. And I have researched over 50 planets where life exists.” He answered modestly.
“Cool! Would you take me to your planet one day?” I was really beginning to like him. He was open, genuine and friendly.
“Sure. Why don’t you join us? We will be searching this area a little.”
“I would love to. But I can’t. I have to tell my mum and dad. They would worry if I disappeared somewhere just like that.”
“Okay later! So, Let’s go.” He said to his colleagues.

They said something I couldn’t understand

“Oh yes! Could you please tell me the way to Pluto?” He asked innocently.
“How would I know, Zorrowitch?” I burst out laughing.
“Yes! How would you?” He got busy with some papers.
“Bye then! See you later!” He cried as he boarded the vehicle.

I waved him back and with a tinkling bell, he left.

I returned to my room and realized that the tinkling hadn’t stopped, identifying it as the door bell. I ran forward to attend it. It was my parents.

 “Where were you? We’ve been waiting for a long time.” My mum accused me.
“I was talking to a friend.” I replied.

Indeed I had!


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