Dear Friend

Dear Friend

I had always thought that you will be my true friend forever and ever and ever, but I was wrong. I have finally realized not to put all the secrets in a single basket. Or else you would have never done this to me. I don’t know what has hurt me more; getting my secrets published in a magazine or losing a FRIEND. No matter how hard I try to change the truth, it will always be the latter.

We met, talked, laughed, cried, poured our secrets out to each other, sat together and finally became best friends until the week before. Don’t know what happened or what changed you, is it as you say that you simply didn’t feel talking to me anymore or not laughing at my lame jokes or minding me hanging out with not you and other friends during the recess? Or is it that I am suddenly not stylish enough to hang out with you?

Someone has rightly said, “If you have to change yourself for a friend, that isn’t true friendship. ‘Coz if a person doesn’t like you the way you are; it’s not friendship but a DEAL between two INDIVIDUALS.

I am not gonna change myself for a person just because he/she doesn’t like me ‘coz I know that a fool (in your opinion), will definitely fall for me some day or the other.

We spend time together because we liked each other, our company and our mirchi bhaari, stories. So please never ever embarrass me again by saying, “Yaar, kal full day main aur tu saath mein. No body to disturb us! First a movie, then dinner, and lastly shopping”.

However I know that no matter how large your fault is, you’ll never apologize to me. Because you take the advantage thinking that I can’t survive without your company.

YOU are absolutely wrong this time. I am good in studies, you are better; I have A FEW CLOSE TRUE FRIENDS, you have MORE FAR FAKE FRIENDS; you do my back biting to My Few True Friends, I do your front biting in front of Your More Far Friends.

Dude, you have no idea what friends mean to us. Having a big social group is good only if you know that you have a true friend in there, always to defend you, always to help you, always to shed tears with you, always to make you laugh, always read to apologize even when you know you are the guilty side.

Unlike you, I HAVE FOUND A FRIEND LIKE THAT. So I always have someone so help me and be my guide when there seems no help at all.

So finally, I HELPED you get rid of me, your no-sock-folding, unstylish, fat, nerd, geek, freak, individual-sticking stupid EX-BEST-FRIEND.

Your Once True Friend


P.S. I’ll miss you but you should know that we are done! 😦 I wish you had understood me so that I wouldn’t have deserted you. I AM SORRY!


10 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. True friends are difficult to find, but when you do keep them by your side. I have a couple of friends that I still see from school (many moons ago), we still laugh at the same old silly jokes, and support each other through tough times. Sadly there have been quite a few tough times to cope with. You are so right fake friends just aren’t worth having.

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      • Oh, you made up that’s good! Glad to hear. I remember falling out with one of my good friends at school and to this day I can’t remember what it was all about. I always regretted our parting of the ways, so sometimes it can be good to rebuild a friendship, if that friendship is worth having. 🙂

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