Nature – A Self Made Poem

Nature, nature, nature
This as our future

The sun Rises in East

And brings smiles to our cheeks

There are many reasons

For these beautiful seasons

To have this fun

Go for a walk along the setting sun

The water rises high in the sea
Which is called a tide

But have you ever wondered

The path you choose is always right?

Keep walking along the dust-laden roads

No matter where you go

And an advise for those

Who want to have this fun

Should surely bask in the sun


50 thoughts on “Nature – A Self Made Poem

  1. really nice poem. that gr8. I don’t know that r u a poetess or not but if u r then go on keep it up and if u r not u have the talent to be a poetess. in future I think u r going to have a lot of success in poetry if u choose this profession………………….

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  2. Well I think, to become a even better poet, you should not be chidish while using the rhymes. I am very sorry to be harsh with my words. That’s the truth. It will definitely help you to become a great writer in the future. Do visit my website, and comment what do you feel about my poems. Go as harsh as you can… so that I can improve my poems. Thank you..

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