Anna Hazare: A threat to the Indian Government?

“On the stroke of midnight, when the whole world sleeps, India will awake to joy and freedom.”

The people who had sacrificed there lives for a free, independent and pure India, it definitely seems that they sacrificed there lives for nothing. Look at the condition of India. The politicians are all corrupt. Many of the hidden scams are arising such as the 2G Spectrum Scam, The Food Scam, The CWG Scam etc. And now arises another problem, if the Government is corrupt, what is expected from the citizens of this great and now a corrupt nation?

So not if all, then at least a few people take the responsibility or even try to reduce the big corruption occurring. A few examples are Anna Hazare, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar etc. Apparently, Anna Hazare’s war against corruption has taken a giant leap. The whole nation is now chanting anti-government slogans, candle light protests are taking place, rally protesting from common Delhi Government points such as Janpath to India Gate etc.

The 79 year old Anna was fasting from April 5, 2011  as to exert pressure on the Government to pass the Janta Lokpal Bill which has been introduced by Anna as to reduce corruption from public offices. Some may be unaware that this bill includes the arresting of the ministers (no matter the post; Can be the PM himself) if they are corrupt.

Anna Hazare is a social activist working on the removal of corruption.


Nature – A Self Made Poem

Nature, nature, nature
This as our future

The sun Rises in East

And brings smiles to our cheeks

There are many reasons

For these beautiful seasons

To have this fun

Go for a walk along the setting sun

The water rises high in the sea
Which is called a tide

But have you ever wondered

The path you choose is always right?

Keep walking along the dust-laden roads

No matter where you go

And an advise for those

Who want to have this fun

Should surely bask in the sun